The Big Lebowski

I want to draw 'Donny' and 'Jesus',
"You said it man, NO ONE fucks with the jesus"

Such a good film... If you haven't seen it, then stop what you are doing, make yourself a white russian sit back and watch it.


This is me.


Weight lift

Death by falling Grand Piano.
Ok iv done some of the Weight lift, still to add lots to it, gona try and put the piano no his shoulder, add face expression, wobble knees, ect... finding it difficult, but i like a challenge. "WOO HA"
Click on this ---> WeightLift.mov


Jen caricature

Fun to do. I like the pencil one, but the painting is a bit crap, just trying different styles and using painter. Found the hair difficult to do, but Practice makes perfect and all that.


Pixar Comes to London

Between April and June of this year (2006), PIXAR: 20 years of animation show is going to be held in London. There should be loads of amazing artwork and cool concepts, so i am well up for heading down for a it. tickets and all that are at this link.
More info:--- http://www.sciencemuseum.org.uk/


Red Hair

And the Blog is started. what you think of the red head?