Weight lift

Death by falling Grand Piano.
Ok iv done some of the Weight lift, still to add lots to it, gona try and put the piano no his shoulder, add face expression, wobble knees, ect... finding it difficult, but i like a challenge. "WOO HA"
Click on this ---> WeightLift.mov


Sam Rowan said...

play great balls of fire
play great balls of fire!!!
well f off you c

look forward to the animation bigcheese

CGMarshall said...

hahahah, Well he should have played it!

Gavin said...

Man i wish i was pro enuff to use words like "blocking"

lookin forward to seein it dude.

a tetacular sniper ignites a boxer in the streets of shanghai


Seans Work said...

Hey man, this looks very good and i look forward to seing the animation. peeeace

Gavin said...

I love you chris.

CGMarshall said...

thanks gav, hahahah.
right back at you.